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Entire kind of benefits for the donatee

Occupational accidents including occupational disease is a risk that must be faced by workers in doing their jobs. To cope with the loss of some or all of the income.

Death Benefit is for the beneficiaries of the program participants BPJS who died not because of accidents.

Social Security Program is a program that is basic protection for workers who aim to ensure the security and assurance of social and economic risks, and is the guarantor of the current means.

Those who being assured

Stories from the workers who are being assured by your donation.

Quotes :

GNLingkaran is a program which created as a service for the society or company who willing to donate and pay the informal workers’ fee whom unable to pay in order to receive Work-Related Accident Benefit and Death Benefit

Agus Susanto

CEO BPJS Ketenagakerjaan